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3D Surgical Guide

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What is 3D implant surgical guide?

The 3D surgical guide insures the level of precision required for an accurate implant placement with minimal guesswork on the part of a practitioner and speeds up post surgical recovery.
The guide is prepared ahead of the surgery based on patients 3D scans and x-rays, which saves valuable time.
Dr. Termechi, successfully implements the 3D printed guide in his practice and provides it to all the practitioners participating in Dental Implant Surgical Seminars (DISS). The implant guide has been successfully used in 100's of cases and is a useful tool for any level implant dentist.


3D Accuracy and Precision 

Ensuring that implants are precisely placed improves the surgical experience for both patient and doctor. Dr. Termechi's in-house 3D printer can produce custom surgical guides incredible turnaround times and minimal material cost.

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